IHM serves consolidated sectors in the Brazilian industry, characterized by their world class technological manufacturing plants. However, we are experiencing a time of new paradigms and major transformations. More and more, the information becomes the most important asset within an industrial organization and automation has been following this trend, adopting new forms of governance and working methods to meet these new demands. Surely, there will be sectors more predisposed to adopt new innovative practices. We believe that these sectors will be the ones capable of competing in a global scale. We are ready to support these initiatives.



Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Belo Horizonte, IHM initiated its activities as a system integrator, offering automation, electrical, instrumentation and industrial IT services. In 2015, with the merger with Stefanini group, IHM amplifies its portfolio and aims global reach.

What is your industrial plant’s priority?

Five aspects in which Automation Technology and IT can generate value for your industrial operations.


Information needs to be integrated across the entire organization. In the new manufacturing model, decision making needs real time information from production processes. For this reason, the adoption of an integrated governance system that can consolidate the Industrial Automation and IT operations turns out to be mandatory. Read more

Our Differential

  • The only company in Brazil with its own staff to deliver vertical solutions

  • Benchmark of global best practices

  • Multidisciplinary competence

The merge of IHM with Stefanini gives a new impetus to the innovative initiatives that have characterized the company since its foundation. The merge allowed IHM to consolidate some offers and devise others. Read more

Our Differential

  • World class methodologies

  • Continuous investment in R&D

  • Aporte de herramientas innovadoras en los procesos.

Industrial operations of a large organization are supported today by corporative IT systems and production support systems, in which are included the automation technologies. Read more

Our Differential

  • Expertise in complex industrial solutions

  • Extensive experience in integration with automation systems

  • Consolidated strategic partnerships

IHM has its origin associated to the professionals responsible for the first automation projects implemented in Brazil. Over the past 20 years, it has developed projects in many different industries: mining, metals, pulp and paper, ports, cement, sanitation, food, beverages, oil and gas, energy, among others. Read more

Our Differential

  • Multibrand solutions, focusing on customer needs

  • Technical team certified in all major market technologies

  • Competence to align customer business drivers to technological solutions

The IHM electrical team is able to develop basic conceptual projects and detailed projects in the areas of generation and distribution of energy in industrial plants, whether in greenfield projects, expansions or renovations Read more

Our Differential

  • Solutions integrated to automation and instrumentation project

  • Productivity tools ensure performance for projects with short delivery deadlines

The IHM branch responsible for mounting panels is located in the industrial center of Betim, Minas Gerais, and aims to attend the demand of our customers for the turn-key projects. Read more

Our Differential

  • Better control over turn-key projects

  • Risk reduction: project and panel under IHM responsibility

  • Major certifications

The availability of an industrial plant is a key factor for competitiveness. A modern industrial plant incorporates many systems and solutions from different suppliers and maturity stages. Keeping all this arsenal of applications and hardware at full functionality is one of the biggest challenges for an industrial manager. The correct and rapid failure analysis and measures that can ensure the high availability of machines and installations are crucial to achieve the production targets.

To allow an industry keep your competitiveness advantages in medium and long term, it must be a step ahead of its main competitors. In this sense, technological innovation needs to be intrinsic to the management process and not only present in specific and isolated actions. For this reason, we must be alert to new technological developments and have the know-how to apply industry best practices considering the local demands.

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