Automation Technology and Industrial IT Support

The availability of an industrial plant is a key factor for competitiveness. A modern industrial plant incorporates many systems and solutions from different suppliers and maturity stages. Keeping all this arsenal of applications and hardware at full functionality is one of the biggest challenges for an industrial manager. The correct and rapid failure analysis and measures that can ensure the high availability of machines and installations are crucial to achieve the production targets.

To allow an industry keep your competitiveness advantages in medium and long term, it must be a step ahead of its main competitors. In this sense, technological innovation needs to be intrinsic to the management process and not only present in specific and isolated actions. For this reason, we must be alert to new technological developments and have the know-how to apply industry best practices considering the local demands.

That is why IHM offers customized solutions to sustain AT and Industrial IT systems that support production. The experience accumulated over the last 20 years, associated with consolidated methodologies to support the services provided from the merger with Stefanini, open a new range of offers that are now available to the market.