The energy sector is in a moment of great change. New technologies and innovations has the potential to generate high-impact changes in the global energy matrix. In Brazil, there is emphasis on integration of electricity generation from biogas derived from waste and wastewater, solar photovoltaic and wind power generation. Analytical intelligence systems, quality monitoring and power reliability are also seen as great potential solutions to generate results.
Main solutions:
  • Supply of panels and element’s liaison for substations and large power plants: control panels; interconnection panels; panels for auxiliary relays; supervision and control panels; supervision and control devices; Solid state relays – SSR; fast auxiliary relays; transducers and oil and winding temperature monitors for autotransformers; supervisors of synchronous alignment; fiber optic converters; switching power supplies; tests blocks, among other components.
  • Energy Balance System, which consists of an assessment of the existing power measurement structure and proposal of changes in instrumentation, in automation systems and information systems, aiming to disaggregate energy consumption and production for process, sub-process and main equipment.