Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry comprises complex supply chains with huge geographical range. Increase sustainable food production, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reuse and reprocess waste are some of the challenges in this sector, where technology has a transformation role. IHM has experience in several sectors of this industry.
Main solutions:
  • Automation and MES systems for Distribution Center (DC)
  • Automation of the preparation process, extraction and pelletizing for soy processing plants
  • Control and tracking system of animal food manufacturing
  • Control system for seed manufacturing unity, comprising the straw removal processes, selection, disposal, drying, threshing, classification, addition of products and bagging grains
  • Automation of milk and chocolate products beneficiation process to be submitted to the UHT (Ultra-High-Temperature) milk sterilization process for bottling in Tetra Pak packaging
  • Automation of the pneumatic conveying system, weighing and bagging of wheat flour
  • Development of wheat mill supervision system and dosing system
  • Automation of beer production line
  • Automation of vodka production line
  • Adequacy, according to NR12, of pasta production line