The metals industry is a very important business in the world, because it’s the basis of several productive chains, such as automotive, construction, capital goods, and others.

The energy consumption reduction, decrease of air emissions, improvement of water management, best waste treatment systems, the development of mathematical models to control dynamic processes, among others, are predominant topics of discussion in this industry.

Main solutions:
  • Metallurgical modeling for ladle furnace
  • Modernization of roasting control systems, including automation, supply, installation, commissioning, start-up and assisted operation
  • MES system for integration of various plant-floor systems
  • Automation of dust removal system of many different processes
  • Pig iron handling systems and control of torpedo cars
  • Tracking systems in real time for high-speed processes and availability, such as Continuous Lamination and Steel works
  • MES Systems for Continuous Rolling
  • Customized systems for management of reels and plaques yards
  • Systems for warehouses management and inventory