Stefanini Group

Stefanini announces merger with IHM Engenharia

The largest Brazilian multinational technology company, present in 40 countries, announces the merger with IHM Engenharia, based in Belo Horizonte (MG). Twenty years in the market, IHM manages multidisciplinary industrial projects in many segments: mining, siderurgy, chemical, pulp and paper, agribusiness, food, automotive, energy, oil and gas, among others.

The merger aims to enhance the Stefanini’s performance in the industrial market. According to Marco Stefanini, global CEO of the company, the initiative follows the strategy of investing in companies that have affinity with the business and that can add solutions to your portfolio. “IHM is a consistent company in the industrial sector and can help us getting the offers from Stefanini to other ways,” says the executive.

Initially, the focus will be on areas where the two companies have branches. Then, the partnership will be extended to USA, Canada and Latin America. According to Augusto Moura, CEO of IHM Engenharia, the announcement will accelerate the internationalization process, which was already in IHM plans.

Stefanini and IHM

The merger will benefit both companies and also the customers. For IHM, the company gains enhance Stefanini´s international presence and expertise of almost 30 years of experience. For Stefanini, its portfolio becomes supplemented with the most efficient market solutions in automation, electrical and industrial IT. For the customers, they now can have vertical solutions from a single supplier.